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Integrated curriculum STEM in the garden

STEM in the garden

This term students from various year levels will be using Little Patch and Little Farm to explore how science and technology help us grow our food.

New Farm State School Little Patch Garden

Community gardening at Little Patch

New Farm State School P&C has been awarded a grant which will help them launch a new ‘Friends of Little Patch’ program, as well as a new seed propagation hub and disability gardening tables.

New Farm State School tuckshop working towards plastic free

Tuckshop: working towards plastic free

Do you see  our tuckshop ‘going green’? Tuckshop convenor Michelle is ahead of new legislation, which now bans the use of single use plastics.

New Farm State School Tuckshop in operation

Tuckshop: we asked, you spoke!

We surveyed our parents recently for any ideas, feedback or thanks to pass on to our hardworking tuckshop team. The winning idea from our respondents was to .. ask our kids!

P&C meeting ‘wrap’: meeting 2, 2021

Want to share your opinion? We’re looking for your questions and input on a requested tree removal by Mon 19 May – see section ‘Building update’ in our overview of the discussions and decisions of the P&C’s 2nd meeting of the year.

New Farm Volunteer Bluecard

Community volunteers + Blue cards

We recognise that often our families have limited time to commit to volunteer activities and extend a welcome to all of our New Farm community to participate in the P&C. But is the Blue Card process confusing to you, too?

New Farm State School Community Volunteers

Parent and community volunteering

Our P&C is the community in action. We are all volunteers, with different skills and time to donate. Can you help us out? We’re currently

New Farm State School D Block

Notice of the NFSS P&C AGM

The P&C Annual General Meeting (AGM) started proceedings on 2 March 2021. The meeting was required to postpone with no nominations received for the position

Trivia night

Question: Where would you find a room of nuns, 70’s aerobic instructors, Teneriffe sheep and a table of Bill Murrays? Answer: The NFSS Trivia night!

Little Farm: an update

Little Farm is a beloved area of our school community, a place where our children have access to a natural learning space. With the school

New Farm State School Flashforge 3D Printer in Action

Obstathon 2020

What’s happening with the money we raised at the Obstathon? Great question! We donated just over $12,000 to the school for creative arts. Our Head

New Farm State School Swimming Pool Change Room Upgrdaes

School pool update

Did you know the school invested in the pool facilities last year? Here are some photos of the completed refurbishment of the pool area change-rooms

New Farm State School Gardening Club

Little Patch: a garden project

Have you seen our beautiful edible garden beds near the tuckshop? Our kitchen garden is a collaborative project between the school and the P&C, funded

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