Beeston Street Stories #1: Wilding our school – our new garden on Beeston Street

New Farm State School Beeston Street Entrance Garden

In 2021 an exciting new community garden project is beginning! We’ll be transforming the Beeston Street school entrance into a six-tiered, Indigenous food garden.

The P&C was awarded a $20,000 start-up grant from the Australian Government’s  Communities Environment Program, which will cover most of our gardening installation and supply work. We’ve also applied for a smaller Junior Landcare grant to contribute to our signage and to set up one or two bee hotels for our native bees.

For this article, we asked our Gardens Group manager Julie what the aim of this new garden project is, and what outcomes she hopes to see. You can contact Julie with any queries or offers of support on

What are the aims of the project?

Firstly, we want to transform this steep disused slope into a garden that supports local wildlife and biodiversity. We also want to provide a space that actively brings our children out of the classroom and into the garden and have designed an outdoor classroom that can be used by all of our students.

We are also looking to support student awareness: awareness of local, Indigenous culture; of sustainable gardening and of environmental regeneration practices.

Our other big aim is to provide opportunities for authentic community engagement, and this garden will provide the space to bring our extended families, neighbours and community groups into.

What sort of outcomes are you expecting?

We really want to be a part of the re-wilding of our school and the suburb, with a focus on Indigenous edibles. We want to cultivate our wildlife biodiversity, through habitat building for our native animals (including every kids’ favourite, the ladybird!).

This garden will include smart, environmental design that makes good use of water including the recycling of this precious resource.

Our school will have access to a new, outdoor classroom and a place that actively supports an enhanced learning network with our local community and partners.

Interested in knowing more?

We’ll write a few stories to keep you up to date on this project, so bookmark our Gardens Group page for regular updates. We’ll also publish any new stories in our regular P&C newsletters.

Read how a childcare centre in Clare, South Australia planted a native food garden.

Next time: we’ll chat about how our students and wider community can get involved.

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