P&C meeting ‘wrap’: meeting 2, 2021

Want to share your opinion? We’re looking for your questions and input on a requested tree removal by Mon 19 May – see section ‘Building update’ in our overview of the discussions and decisions of the P&C’s 2nd meeting of the year.

Budget – no, not that one!

After accepting the Treasurer’s report (no hidden nasties or surprises) we touched on this year’s P&C budget. Each year the school requests funding for curriculum or other items, and this has previously included the school’s Mathletics subscription. The committee is considering reimbursing the the requested funds for 2021, and will extend an invitation to Curriculum Coordinator Melinda Norman to our next meeting to discuss possible changes (e.g. exchanging textbooks for Mathletics).

The School Executive has requested a more formal alignment of any P&C strategic planning or fundraising with the school’s documented four strategic pillars; curriculum, inclusion, innovation and well-being. Any changes to the P&C funding model will be discussed at future meetings and require approval of our members.

Event planning: movies, trivia, Obstathon, disco …

Watch this space for announcements of dates for all these events and more! We’re planning one event/term and are also thinking of ways to help out our school support team. We’ll start by helping out School Librarian Angela Lamb with Book Week. This year’s theme: Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds. 

Building update: tree removal requested

Approximately 2 hours before our meeting started, the P&C received an email seeking immediate signed approval to remove three trees. The six members in attendance felt a little ambushed by this late request, and were unable to reach a decision. As a group we would prefer that no established trees are removed from the site, but have concerns over the long term viability of these trees once the new build is completed. The P&C can only consider the views of those members present at a meeting – we would encourage all members to attend our meetings to have your voice heard. 

Members present moved to delay a decision, to allow the time required for a fully informed decision. All P&C members have now received an email inviting questions, feedback, and endorsement or rejection of the proposal. Please contact the P&C President by 4pm Monday 17 May, president@nfsspandc.com.au with your thoughts.

On consideration of any submissions received, the P&C Executive will take a decision and advise both the school Facilities Officer and Paynters of the outcome by 9am Tuesday 18 May. 

Gala shirts

The P&C have about 75 shirts left in stock that we hoped would be available for the year 5 and 6 students to wear during Gala days. However! It was brought to our attention that they may not be sufficiently ‘sun smart’ to be worn outside all day.  Purchased at a cost of approximately $35 per shirt, the P&C discussed if we should write off the cost and  provide the shirts to students for free to wear in winter .. or dispose of and purchase replacement shirts for use from Term 4 2022. We will reach out to parents of these students for a more targeted input of opinion.

Change to meeting schedule

Our new regular schedule of meetings (every month, second Thursday) allows not only our full Executive to attend, but our local Councillor to take a seat as well. We’d love to see you next time! Come along and fill one of our empty seats – all members and non-members are welcome. Meeting dates are advertised on our ‘latest’ page.

A note

These blogs will provide a brief overview of each meeting and are not intended as minutes of the meeting. For a copy of our meeting minutes you will need to be a member of the P&C – join us at our next meeting on 10 June to sign up.

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