P&C meeting ‘wrap’: meeting 1, 2021

P&C General Meeting Room

On 20 April we held our first general P&C meeting for the year! We’ll write a short blog after each meeting, to keep you up to date with what we talked about and any decisions voted on.

We’d love to see you next time! Come along and fill one of our empty seats – all members and non-members are welcome. Meeting dates are advertised on our ‘latest’ page.

Student code of conduct

The committee briefly discussed the Draft 2021 Student Code of Conduct and voted to confirm the Code with a couple of small changes. All parents can access a copy on the School’s Rules and policy webpage.


The P&C has a $20,000 Federal government grant sitting in the bank! These funds are for our Beeston Street Garden project, and the terms of the grant require that we spend the funds by the end of Term 2. The school is working with us to achieve a second quote, and we will start the project just as soon as we can. Full project details will be released over the coming weeks – we are very keen for student and community volunteer support, contact Julie at gardening@nfsspandc.com.au to express an interest in working with us in the garden! All of our school garden info and updates can be found here.

Money, money, money

The P&C is engaging a bookkeeper to assist our volunteer Treasurer this year (based on the recommendation of our outgoing Treasurer). We’ve accepted the Treasurer’s 2020 report and are moving ahead with this year’s budget. Dr McGrath has submitted a school request for funding with the P&C committee approving at the meeting the $5, 175 cost for the design, printing and installation of the 20 PBL large colour signs placed around the school grounds.

Student resource scheme

The concluding item on our meeting agenda was the SRS, or student resource scheme. An SRS allows the school to request funds from parents for items shared across a year group (e.g. Prep learning resources) or used by a select group of students (e.g. music program instrument hire and maintenance). The members present voted to endorse the 2021 SRS payments presented by the School, but after much discussion requested that the School amend the Music program SRS charges to better align with Education Queensland policy from 2022 onwards.

A note

These blogs will provide a brief overview of each meeting and are not intended as minutes of the meeting. For a copy of our meeting minutes you will need to be a member of the P&C – join us at our next meeting on 13 May to sign up.

Our committee executive

At our 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM) a new executive was voted in. We’ll introduce you properly after our next meeting, and also send our thanks to the outgoing executive.

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