Printers and plants, read the stories from meeting #3 (2021)

From plants to printers, our last meeting covered a huge range of topics! Read on for a 2-minute snapshot of what we talked about; all are welcome to join us for our next meeting on 15 July. 

The good news money update

We couldn’t share this news last update, but our Beeston Street Indigenous garden has received another financial boost with the P&C receiving a Wooloworths Junior Landcare grant recently. Check out our project at Junior Landcare, read the second in our Beeston Street Stories series here, and get ready to join in the fun when we announce our ‘buy a tree, plant a tree’ project to start in Term 3.

3D printers, design and tech, mathematics – a curriculum overview 

Our school Curriculum Coordinator Melinda Norman presented to the committee on the school’s technologies curriculum activities, and her ongoing research into the best online program to support the Maths curriculum. Before starting, Mel thanked the P&C for the funds donated last year, which contributed to the purchase of five 3D printers, all now furiously printing away in our art room, and in use by all students in our school.

Did you know our Year 3 students have been working on a new playground design? Mel spoke about how the Year 3 technologies and design unit supports the students problem solving skills, as they worked together to develop a process of design and decision making that could also be applied to other community activities. Their tasks included creating a survey to ask the younger school students what they wanted to see in a new school playground (a treehouse being the overwhelming first choice!). 

As the P&C is querying the payment of the school Mathletics subscription out of P&C funds, Mel also spoke on her work in this area. She is undertaking a review of the school’s Maths delivery and currently surveying our teachers. For 2022 and beyond, any online programs costs may be charged directly to parents as part of the book or resources schemes.

Have any ideas, or questions on curriculum? Mel’s door is open – reach her on email or phone 3358 733, or come along to a Curriculum Committee meeting, held every 4th and 8th Monday of term, starting at 3.15pm.

As part of this broader discussion, the P&C noted a preference to value-add to, rather than subsidise our school learning resources.

Principal, Treasurer reports + P&C correspondence

Those present moved to accept the correspondence received, and the principal and treasurer reports. 

Dr McGrath noted she will present the school booklist to the P&C in term 3. Please come along to our meetings if you’d like to join this discussion, as the P&C takes an active role in approving school resourcing. Next year’s booklists will include the Read Write Inc. spelling books which have proved to be of great value to our teachers – they do however have a 7-month order time from the UK!

Of note from the correspondence is that our uniform shop will open on Wednesday mornings only for the remainder of term 2 and throughout term 3.

For copies of the reports, please reach out to our secretary Rachel, or attend our next meeting on 15 July.

Other news …

Our Guidance Officer Jo Minto has proposed a joint grant application with Brisbane Central School for a Mental Health Week collaboration. She would like to host a speakers’ lunch for parents, particularly those with families overseas who have been unable to visit family for an extended period due to our closed borders. Jo will assist both schools’ P&Cs to write and support the grant application.

The school has approved the new Obstathon date of 20 July however an issue with insurance on rides, including inflatables my impact this event. We will keep you updated.

Garden Group update: Beeston Street project advancing 

The P&C garden group is looking to raise about $3,500 for the Beeston Street project and have a superstar volunteer Megan on board. Megan will create a fabulous fundraising ‘shopping’ page, which we will advertise throughout Term 3. This will provide our parents, students and wider community with plenty of opportunity to contribute financially, or with their time.  Honeywell is attached to project as site project managers, we have requested an extension to our Federal Govt grant and Sun and Soil will be engaged to undertake the project. Our Gardens Group coordinator Julie is busy fine tuning how our community can volunteer, and come together and contribute alongside any covid restrictions and with our time imperative for completion of the project. 

A note

These blogs will provide a brief overview of each meeting and are not intended as minutes of the meeting. For a copy of our meeting minutes you will need to be a member of the P&C – join us at our next meeting on 15 July to sign up. All members and non-members are welcome and our meeting dates are advertised on our ‘latest’ page.

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