Getting involved

Connecting with Community

Working with our school P&C is a great way to connect with other parents, and actively contribute to the school and local community.

We are nothing without our volunteers! But how can YOU take part? We always have openings on our sub-committee (like swimming or gardening), our tuckshop loves homebakers or you might like to help our kids with their weekly banking. You can play shop at the fete (or a pop-up), take some great photos of our next event, or help set up chairs at a fundraiser.

We’ll keep you updated with roles to fill, all of our upcoming events and our P&C meeting dates. Soon to come! Our community skills register which lets you tell us your professional skills, interests and contacts, for when we need that quick piece of advice or speaker at our next event.

Can you help us out?

We’re currently looking to fill a range of positions – from school banking helpers to casual gardeners and bakers.

We extend this register of interest to our community – to neighbours, grandparents and other family members interested in helping out.

Check out our current positions and apply online.

Parent Hub

Join our weekly parent hub, outside the tuckshop every Wednesday after assembly.

Perhaps you have a question, fancy a chat or would like a tour of our school grounds. You might like to meet the tuckshop crew or take a moment to visit the uniform shop (before 9.30am). We can’t promise you coffee but we can promise some friendly conversation!

Join a P&C Meeting

Our meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month during school term, from 6pm. Join us for updates from the school, our P&C executive and subcommittees. Bring your ideas, ask questions and help us make some decisions.

You can join the meeting in-person or via Zoom. We usually hold the meetings in the Flexible Learning Space, next to our school Library (check our current events page for a confirmed location and the Zoom link for each meeting). Everyone is welcome, including your kids (they can read nearby).

Events and Fundraisers

A major part of any school P&C is the events and fundraising. We link our fundraising our school’s strategic projects (think new laptops or playground improvements), and always aim to connect the local community to our school.

Many of our parents connect or catch-up through our events and fundraisers, and get a dose of that giving back feeling!

Smaller Events

Our smaller events are generally held on the school grounds, designed to be fun for our kids. Think bake stalls, Mum/Dad day stalls or free dress days. These are usually planned by a small team of parents.

Watch out for Class Rep updates!

Major Fundraisers

Taking our organisation skills up a step, our larger events have included trivia night (a parents only quiz night), Halloween disco, school fete (every second year) and the Hats and Heels parents lunch.

Have an idea for 2021? Let us know.

Time Poor Parents

We understand! Not all parents can contribute their time to a P&C or a school classroom. We are also set up to take direct donations, if you prefer to make a financial commitment to the school.

Email the P&C secretary to donate