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Welcome to the New Farm Kingfishers Swimming Club!  The New Farm Kingfishers Swimming Club (Kingfishers) is a sub-committee of the New Farm State School P&C and is operated by volunteer parents.

The Club is open to all members of the community enrolled, or eligible to enrol, in Prep to Year 6 and can swim 5 metres unaided.

The objectives of the Club are to provide:

  1. An organised program of timed lane events, with a focus on improving each swimmer’s personal best times, through increased confidence and ability.
  2. A safe, fun, and supportive environment.
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When is it on?

Swim club nights are held on Monday’s (excluding public holidays) from 5:45PM and usually finish by 7:00PM.

The swim club season is split into two terms over summer (Term 4 / Term 1), with swimmer registration required at the beginning of Term 4 and again at the beginning of Term 1.

The 2022/23 season dates are summarised in below.

  • 2022 – Term 4: 10th October – 28th November
  • 2023 – Term 1: 30th January – 20th March
  • Presentation Night : 27th March 2023

How do club nights work?

Swim events will commence at 5:45pm as follows:

Junior ½ Lap Events – We offer a non-timed half-lap event for junior swimmers wishing to participate in the club night, that can’t complete one full lap unassisted.

Kickboard Event – To encourage our younger swimmers to transition from half-lap events to 1-lap events, we also offer a non-timed 18m (1 lap) event, where swimmers use a kickboard and practice their freestyle stroke and kick technique until they build their confidence and ability to swim the 1-lap events unassisted.

Time Trials – includes 18m (1 lap) time trial, 36m (2 lap) time trial, and 72m (4 lap) time trial events in the following order:

  1. Freestyle
  2. Backstroke
  3. Breaststroke
  4. Butterfly

For more information refer to our handbook (see below).

Who are we?

The New Farm Kingfishers Swimming Club (Kingfishers) is a sub-committee of the New Farm State School P&C and is operated by volunteer parents.

Looking for Volunteers

For the swim club to run, we need parent involvement. so if you want your little Kingfisher to soar through the water on Monday nights, please fill in the application form below. 

More information?

If you require any further information in relation to Kingfishers, please contact us via email

Swimmer registration

Student registration to join the New Farm Kingfishers swim club.

Kingfishers Swim Club Handbook

For detailed information on the Kingfishers Swim Club, download the handbook. The season schedule is also available on the School and P&C events calendar.

Swim Event Timing

The timing system software utilised by Kingfishers to manage the swim meets has been purchased from “Swimmingly”. The ‘SwimminglyFan’ App can be downloaded free from the App Store and is suitable for both iPhone and Android devices.