New Farm State School Tuckshop


Our school tuckshop proudly provides students, staff, and community members with delicious, nutritious homemade meals and snacks. 

Ordering from the tuckshop lets you take a break from lunch prep, knowing your children are eating the food you would make yourself. It’s great for the kids, too – they’ll have tummies full of goodness and if you order over the counter, they’ll get the chance to use their social skills, make healthy food choices and practice money handling.

Tuckshop open days

We open every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during school term.

Order online, or in person: Set up a one-off or recurring order in Flexischools, order by 8am on the day. 

You can also order in person,  over-the-counter from 8 to 9.15am and pay with cash or EFTPOS.

Tuckshop Contact Details
Michelle Gerrard |

Our Menu

We offer a regular menu of sandwiches, salads and healthy snacks, with a different daily special every day we are open. We also like to celebrate special days, like Halloween, and will advertise these through the school and P&C newsletters.

Fun Friday!

Every Friday at second break we sell icy poles for 50c, $1.50 and $2.  Our students love the chance to come to the counter with their own money, so pack some coins on a Friday!


We also sell a range of homemade treats, and accept donations any morning we are open.

We understand not everyone has time to volunteer in the tuckshop and donating homebaked treats is a great alternative. Our kids love brownies, cupcakes and biscuits – please note all homebake must be nut free and have no icing (just add sprinkles!).

Volunteering: we love new faces!

Can you help out, or know someone that can? The kids love seeing someone they know behind the counter and it’s a great way to get to know others in the school community.We’ll always send you home with a little something delicious at the end of your shift.

Interested? Our volunteer hours are about 8.45am to 11am, as often or little as you like. We work with your schedule! Reach out to our tuckshop manager Michelle, on email or sign up with our volunteer application form.

Tuckshop FAQ's

Our tuckshop is open from 8.30am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during school term. Orders are served at first break on those days.

Also on Fridays at second break, we sell icypoles for 50c, $1.50 and $2 – the students come to the tuckshop counter to purchase an icy pole of their choice, so much fun!

We encourage you to place your orders and pay securely online at any time, day or night. Or you can order by ‘brown paper bag’ over the counter each tuckshop morning before 9.15am.

You can pay with cash or use our EFTPOS at the tuckshop counter, or pay online with 

Orders are ready to go at 11am (first break). Our prep students have their lunches delivered directly to their eating area. For all other grades, one or two students from each class come to the tuckshop to collect their class tray to take to their eating area.

Don’t worry we won’t let anyone go hungry. Your child will be provided with something to eat and we’ll send home a note with them stating the amount you owe. Please come to the tuckshop to pay the amount the next time you are at school, or you can give the money to your child to bring to us.

Offering our 580+ students and staff healthy, homemade meals (and on-time!) is a huge undertaking and we have a dedicated, part-time team of three paid staff. Even with our team, we simply couldn’t operate without the help from our much appreciated volunteers. If you are keen to help out, please email Michelle Gerrard at and we’ll go from there .. we’d love to see you!